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Today’s kickstarter comes to you via HG Wells from the Saints & Poets Production Co. out of Burlington, VT. They have puppets. Puppets are cool.

Project: Moreau Horrors

End Date: November 9, 9:00pm EST.

Prizes: Download a song from the musical (yes, it’s a musical), get a cool poster signed by the cast, go see the show, go see the show with a friend, get a t-shirt, get a script signed by the cast, get special thanks in the program, take a tour of Dr. Moreau’s lab and backstage, get a DVD or CD of the show, sit in the VIP area, attend the cast party, see the final dress rehearsal (always an experience, trust me).

Current Goal: $5,000

Current Number of Backers: 6

Current Pledges: $250

Why they deserve your support: Funding for original productions is, let’s face it, hard to come by. Especially in smaller cities (Burlington = pop. 42,000). Moreover, we’re not talking about just any original production — we’re talking about The Island of Dr. Moreau, arguably Wells’ strangest and possibly most interesting short novel. Mad science! Cat people! Other animal people!  Violent ends! Semi-nudity! And with puppets! One of the amazing things about science fiction as a genre is that it has an evolving relationship with its history. Nothing is off limits; the greats are constantly being re-imagined and revisited in new and exciting ways. With puppets!  And singing! PROBABLY SINGING PUPPETS!

I know theater is a hard sell, especially if you don’t live anywhere near the venue. But then again, kickstarter’s not just about the cool stuff you get or the free tickets, it’s about supporting projects that would not happen otherwise. It’s about people deciding what kind of art they want to see in the world.

/kicks away soapbox

Did I mention there are puppets?

Did I give: Negative. Money’s tight this month. But if that isn’t the case for you, why not pitch in?