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You guys! It’s #TitansgraveTuesday! What is that, you ask?

Titansgrave is an RPG webseries by Geek and Sundry DM-ed by Wil Wheaton and featuring Hank Green, Alison Haislip, Laura Bailey, and Yuri Lowenthal. And it is awesome. Wheaton and his crew originated the world and story, basing the gameplay on the AGE system. Even if you’re not a role player yourself, it is exceptionally fun to watch. The art done for the series is absolutely gorgeous and the cast is both funny and engaging. If you dig speculative fiction of just about any ilk, I recommend it.

Introduction Video:


Episode One:


Try it–I promise, you won’t regret it!*


*May inspire cravings for craft beer, twenty-sided dice, and a RPG group of your own.


Coda from and maps and plans on Vimeo.

The OceanMaker from Mighty Coconut on Vimeo.

Are you lost? Welcome to Rotary park!


Check out the rest of the web series here.

Warning: As you might imagine, this is a very visceral short. Gorgeous but not for the faint of heart.