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Project: The Changing Tales: Special Art Edition Comic Book

End Date: June 7, 2015 10:00pm EDT

Prizes: Digital copies! Limited edition art prints! Signed hardcovers!

Current Goal: $1250

Current Number of Backers: 22

Current Pledges: $548

Why they deserve your support: Because it looks freakin’ gorgeous, that’s why. And because twisted fairy tales are rad. And supporting indie artists is rad. And because the Kickstarter Staff agrees with me. (So there.)

Did I donate: $1, as promised!



Project: GlitterShip: an LGBTQ Science Fiction & Fantasy Podcast Zine

End Date: April 8, 2015 5:21pm EDT

Prizes: Acknowledgement on their website, e-books, buttons, postcards, editorial critiques, and sparkly! fingerless gloves, scarves, and blankets.

Current Goal: $1500 (w. $12,000 stretch goal)

Current Number of Backers: 152

Current Pledges: $3151

Why they deserve your support: Because they write reward descriptions like this: “Your name will be listed on the Patrons & Supporters page for as long as the site exists — or until the sun expands into a red giant and engulfs the earth, destroying all civilization as we know it.” And because, while one time projects like Queers Destroy Science Fiction! are amazing, more publications and podcasts and conversations devoted to LGBTQ speculative fiction are awesome and necessary. Because GlitterShip wants to be inclusive of the whole queer community instead of focusing on categories. And because they want to pay writers! Don’t you want to support people who pay writers? I do.

Did I donate: $1, as usual


Project: Goetia

End Date: February 20, 2015 2:50am EST

Prizes: Digital and hard copies of the game, the original soundtrack, the digital art pack, your name in the credits or secret room section of the game, a postcard pack of game art, t-shirts, your image featured in the game, the ability to produce written content for the game, a model of the main character’s grave (it’s not weird–she’s a ghost), large prints of the artwork, statues, and more!

Current Goal: $30000

Current Number of Backers: 660

Current Pledges: $18,033

Why they deserve your support: Because indie games! Because mysteries. Because ghosts. Because old school gothic aesthetics. Because gorgeous art and intriguing gameplay. Because haunting and awesome soundtracks. Because it combines the innate pleasure of puzzle games with the discovery of exploration games.

Did I donate: Still working on deciding a level, myself, but it’ll be at least $1, as usual.


Project: Queers Destroy Science Fiction! by Lightspeed Magazine

End Date: February 16, 2015 8:21pm EST

Prizes: Ebooks! Subscriptions! Big beautiful print copies! Back issues! Anthologies! Combo packs! Skype with Seanan McGuire or Mark Oshrio! Have dinner with Steve Berman!

Current Goal: $5000

Current Number of Backers: 163

Current Pledges: $3977

Why they deserve your support: Because representation is still insanely important, especially in science fiction. (Read their essay series if you’re unconvinced.) Because Lightspeed is a fantastic publication and Women Destroy Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror were amazing, amazing issues. Because Seanan McGuire, Steve Berman, Mark Oshrio, et al., are pretty damn brilliant and capable. Because don’t you want to read incredible spec fic by writers you’ve never met before? Because they’re doing the issue anyway–this just means there will be more stories. Because their stretch goals are pretty freakin’ sweet: including an anthology option if they raise $50K. Because you know you want to.

Did I donate: Still deciding my pledge level. Do I want a print copy? A subscription to Nightmare? It’s all so enticing…

Project: How to Live on Other Planets: A Guide for Aspiring Aliens

End Date: Jan 12, 2015 2:00pm EST

Prizes: Stickers! An early release e-book (either Kindle or Epub), a trade paperback (dependent on stretch goals), a second copy of the book donated to the library of your choice.

Current Goal: $100

Current Number of Backers: 32

Current Pledges: $555

Why they deserve your support: Because small presses like Upper Rubber Boot Books are awesome! Because science fiction is meant to take on contemporary issues like immigration and help us think deeply and complexly about them. Because there are some seriously talented authors signed on to this project, including the likes of Ken Liu, Sarah Pinsker, and Nisi Shawl. Because you’re definitely getting your money’s work–did you see how many stories are included? And because giving books to your favorite library is beyond brilliant.

Did I donate: $1, as promised!


This week’s Kickstarter of Note actually comes from Indiegogo.

Project: BOX: A Live Science Fiction Trilogy 

End Date: January 2, 2015 11:59pm PT.

Prizes: Acknowledgement in the playbill, thank you cards, audio-stories on CD, autographed posters, invitations to events, a guest spot on the troop’s selecting committee, Tuckerization, signed books, coffee and/or dessert with the director, a house concert, and associate or executive producer status.

Current Goal: $2000

Current Number of Backers: 23

Current Pledges: $950

Why they deserve your support: Because local theater troops (this one is called Pulp Stage and they’re in Portland) are the absolute best, and virtual reality stories are crazy fun. Because Pulp Stage’s new Prime Plays project is an inventive, minimalistic approach which allows them to tell a wide range of stories. And with Indiegogo, they get your support even if they don’t make their goal. Not to mention–science fiction theater? More of that, please.

Did I donate: $1, as promised!


Zombie walks and movies and books and TV series may be getting old (okay, not for me but maybe for you?). But there’s still nothing quite like a good zombie game.

Project: Zpocalypse: Survival Reanimated

End Date: November 25, 10:00pm EDT.

Rewards: Digital copies for Mac, PC, and Linux; exclusive backgrounds and early access; naming, designing,  and modeling for characters in the game; digital comic book and soundtrack; t-shirts, posters, and the game’s artbook; other games made by Greenbrier Games; and lots more!

Current Goal: $3500

Current Number of Backers: 118

Current Pledges: $5824

Why they deserve your support: They have an awesome plethora of awards–each level has something fun and different on offer. It’s also really nice to see a zombie game that focuses on tactics and group dynamics rather than just splatter. Bonus for awesome-looking environments and custom character creation. And not to mention some great stretch goals if they exceed the original $3500.

Did I give: $1 as promised!