Regarding Zombies

Disclaimer: this is not a zombie blog.

Here’s the thing. I have always, always, always loved zombies. Zombie movies. Zombie books. Any zombie memorabilia you can conjure. I dress up as a zombie on a semi-regular basis, not just for Halloween. I love zombie-inspired fitness. Zombie PSAs. All of it. And it doesn’t bother me one ounce that other people — a lot of other people — have discovered that they love zombies, too. All the more undead to love, in my view.

But as a consumer of speculative fiction, I know that zombies (like vampires) are on their way out. We’ve had enough of them, for the moment. I don’t think they’ll go away entirely. But they will go underground (harhar) for a spell. As they should. There are reasons our love of different monsters comes in cycles. There are big reasons for that (cultural, social) which hopefully we’ll talk about soon. But for the moment, the reality: people are getting sick of zombies. Fortunately, zombies are only the beginning.

My interest is quality speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) in this post-post apocalypse. Particularly with an independent or literary bent. We can have fun with the mainstream stuff, sure, and I have no doubt it’ll come up. But I want to discuss the stuff on the fringes. With some grit and some soul. Stories/movies/comics/games that transcend genres and bend the rules (ideally with their minds).

And probably the zombies will return to those fringes from whence they came. Hey, in some cases, they’re already there. And we’ll talk about them, too. Because who can resist, really?


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