Kickstarter of Note: Queers Destroy Science Fiction!

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Kickstarter of Note
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Project: Queers Destroy Science Fiction! by Lightspeed Magazine

End Date: February 16, 2015 8:21pm EST

Prizes: Ebooks! Subscriptions! Big beautiful print copies! Back issues! Anthologies! Combo packs! Skype with Seanan McGuire or Mark Oshrio! Have dinner with Steve Berman!

Current Goal: $5000

Current Number of Backers: 163

Current Pledges: $3977

Why they deserve your support: Because representation is still insanely important, especially in science fiction. (Read their essay series if you’re unconvinced.) Because Lightspeed is a fantastic publication and Women Destroy Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror were amazing, amazing issues. Because Seanan McGuire, Steve Berman, Mark Oshrio, et al., are pretty damn brilliant and capable. Because don’t you want to read incredible spec fic by writers you’ve never met before? Because they’re doing the issue anyway–this just means there will be more stories. Because their stretch goals are pretty freakin’ sweet: including an anthology option if they raise $50K. Because you know you want to.

Did I donate: Still deciding my pledge level. Do I want a print copy? A subscription to Nightmare? It’s all so enticing…

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