Happy New Year, readers! In honor of the changing of the calendar, I’m doing a series of blogs in January to highlight exciting new genre projects in film, television, and literature that you might enjoy in 2015.

[Note: As always, I ripped many of the release dates from IMDB and, as we all know, they often change. Links are to trailers or official sites when available. Please note that not all content will be appropriate for all ages.]

1. Seventh Son (2/6) The appeal of this movie is about 63% Julianne Moore. She looks like she’s having a damn good time in the trailers and what else could you possibly ask of your villain? No, it’s probably not going to do a lot of justice to the books, but it does look very pretty and fun, which is sometimes all you can expect of mainstream fantasy films.

2. What We Do In the Shadows (2/13) You might very well be sick of vampire films (who could blame you?) but I still wouldn’t pass this one up. Produced by the guys behind Flight of the Concords, this mockumentary follows a group of vampires around Wellington, New Zealand and looks eighteen kinds of hilarious.

3. Chappie (3/6) From the director of District 9 (whose sophomore offering, Elysium, sadly flopped), we have another thoughtfully made social science fiction film which deals with the development of the titularly named robot, Chappie. Rescued by a group of misfits, Chappie comes into awareness in a world not quite ready to accept him. Looks fantastic and totally tearjerking.

4. Avengers: Age of Ultron (5/1) I mean, who hasn’t been excited for The Avengers sequel since the first movie came out? Plus, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier have successfully proved that Marvel has become quite capable of producing kickass sequels.

5. Tomorrowland (5/22) The teaser trailer doesn’t give much away about this newest offering from Brad Bird and Disney except a mysterious world and a sense of wonder. But it’s Brad Bird, so I’m willing to go along with it.

6. B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations (6/5) Seth Rogen and the absurdly talented Melissa McCarthy provide voices for otherworldly operatives Jackson Moss and Watts in this animated feature from DreamWorks, who has been more or less hitting their stride lately.

7. Jurassic World (6/12) The website alone makes my whole brain go “eeeee!”

8. Inside Out (6/19) The first of Pixar’s offerings this year personifies the feelings inside a little girl’s head. Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, and Lewis Black all provide voices for emotions, so you know it’s going to be good. And if you still don’t, the trailer is utterly charming.

9. Poltergeist (7/24) There aren’t many directors I’d trust Poltergeist with, but Sam Raimi is definitely one of them. Three things to feel good about for this project: 1) They’re calling it a “reboot” and not a “remake,” 2) Sam Rockwell, and 3) the summer (instead of February) release.

10. The Fantastic Four (8/7) The success of the Marc Webb Spiderman remakes is probably to blame for this one, but I’m okay with it. It looks like we’re veering in quite a different direction from the 2000-era cheesy adaptations. Plus, I am so excited for Michael B. Jordan (The WireFriday Night LightsFruitvale Station) as Johnny Storm.

11. Kitchen Sink (9/4) Comedic horror is always a tough row to hoe, but I have good feelings about this film about a town where vampires, humans, and zombies usually coexist peacefully which will see supporting performances from the likes of Patton Oswald, Joan Cusack, and Keegan-Michael Key, who are all pretty hilarious.

12. Victor Frankenstein (10/2) Daniel Radcliffe gives us Igor’s side of the story in this reimagining while James McAvoy stars as Victor. Hey, it’s a Frankenstein movie so it’s either going to be wonderful or so terrible you’re sort of entertained anyway. Besides, Radcliffe was pretty fantastic in Horns last year.

13. Crimson Peak (10/16) New horror from Guillermo del Toro? And it’s a haunted house story? Starring Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, and Mia Wasikowska? Yespleasetakemymoney.

14. The Good Dinosaur (11/27) Pixar’s second offering of the year might very well put Jurassic World to shame. But can there really be too many dinosaur movies? Plus, the preliminary art for this looks absolutely adorable and endearing.We’re ready to cry, Pixar. So ready.

15. Krampus (12/4) Christmas and horror have always been natural bedfellows so I’m hoping this movie about Santa’s evil incarnation embraces that history and really freaks us out.

What movies are you looking forward to in 2015?

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