We’re back with the gift guides! Get your ideas for fantasy and science fiction in today’s The Girl Who Loved Zombies doubleheader.


What’s the best present for your favorite Trekkie? What do you buy the aspiring Viper pilot who has everything? How many lightsabers can one person possibly own? My suggestions:

  1. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy coaster set.
  2. The Battlestar Galatica mug we all need for Monday mornings.
  3. This “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome” shirt in Gallifreyan.
  4. Star Trek Catan.
  5. Their very own (tiny) Delorean.
  6. Lock In  by John Scalzi.
  7. Season One and Two of Orphan Black.
  8. A subscription to Lightspeed.
  9. Starfleet cufflinks.
  10. This Wheatley Laboratories messenger bag.
  11. The Dancing Groot bobblehead. (I’ll take two, thanks.)
  12. Chicks Dig Time Lords Queers Dig Time Lords.
  13. Robot and Frank / Moon Safety Not Guaranteed.
  14. This official NASA shuttle tie.

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