Like it or not, the holiday season has begun its encroachment on the vastly under-appreciated month we call November. Now, as far as I’m concerned, the first two weeks of the month could easily be incorporated into Halloween and Day of the Dead festivities. But the multi-million (billion?) dollar industry we know as the Christmas season begs to differ.

But just because that Mariah Carey song is going to start playing on loop in shopping malls across America, doesn’t you mean you can’t have a beautifully speculative Christmas / Hanukkah / Festivus / Kwanzaa / day off work in 2014. In fact, if you’re looking for gift suggestions for your nerdier friends, never fear. I’ll be rolling out three gift guides for the three wise men divisions of spec fic: horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

Image borrowed from Monster Island News.

Image borrowed from Monster Island News.

We’ll begin with suggestions for your more eerily minded compadres:

  1. More horror than you could ever watch.**
  2. The haunted house board game that keeps on giving with dozens of scary scenarios: Betrayal at House on the Hill.
  3. This shower curtain. And these hand towels.
  4. A heart necklace.
  5. These shoes. Or these. Or these. Or pretty much anything from Iron Fist.
  6. Bone jewelry! This vendor really is fantastic and all of the materials are humanely collected.
  7. My very favorite zombie show (sorry, The Walking Dead), AKA In the Flesh.
  8. Speaking of The Walking Dead, however, this official merch table lamp would light up any room.
  9. A Krampus to hang on the tree.
  10. Classic horror themed clothing.
  11. Childhood nostalgia, i.e., Goosebumps in its entirety.
  12. Uhhh, this thing.
  13. A first edition copy of Dracula. Or if you don’t have thousands of dollars handy, some more affordable horror first editions on Abebooks.
  14. If all else fails, why not just send them a Box of Dread?

These would be well worth the ankle injury.


*Unless you were bedridden with swine flu for two weeks and didn’t have anything better to do. I will not be judged for this.



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