Kickstarter of Note: BOX

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Kickstarter of Note
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This week’s Kickstarter of Note actually comes from Indiegogo.

Project: BOX: A Live Science Fiction Trilogy 

End Date: January 2, 2015 11:59pm PT.

Prizes: Acknowledgement in the playbill, thank you cards, audio-stories on CD, autographed posters, invitations to events, a guest spot on the troop’s selecting committee, Tuckerization, signed books, coffee and/or dessert with the director, a house concert, and associate or executive producer status.

Current Goal: $2000

Current Number of Backers: 23

Current Pledges: $950

Why they deserve your support: Because local theater troops (this one is called Pulp Stage and they’re in Portland) are the absolute best, and virtual reality stories are crazy fun. Because Pulp Stage’s new Prime Plays project is an inventive, minimalistic approach which allows them to tell a wide range of stories. And with Indiegogo, they get your support even if they don’t make their goal. Not to mention–science fiction theater? More of that, please.

Did I donate: $1, as promised!



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