Happy Halloween, everyone! The big day is finally here. I hope you have an awesome, safe holiday with lots of treats and only fun tricks.

And now to finish our list!

17. Check all the Halloween Google doodles…ever.

18. Throw together an awesome last-minute costume.

19. Listen to some spooky podcasts! Like Pseudopod.

20. Or Welcome to Night Vale.

21. Or Thrilling Adventure Hour. (For Halloween, I recommend Beyond Belief.)

22. Read some terrifying poetry.

23. Try your hand at Exquisite Corpse verse.

24. Or art.

25. Speaking of art, browse some surrealism.

26. Get in touch with your inner hipster and carve something other than pumpkins. (Because they’re so mainstream.)

27. Watch all of George A. Romero’s Dead movies. (I did yesterday.)

28. Write your own scary stories.

29. Do the Monster Mash!

30. And the Time Warp!

31. Again!


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