Kickstarter of Note: Zpocalypse: Survival Reanimated

Posted: October 23, 2014 in Kickstarter of Note, Zombie Posts
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Zombie walks and movies and books and TV series may be getting old (okay, not for me but maybe for you?). But there’s still nothing quite like a good zombie game.

Project: Zpocalypse: Survival Reanimated

End Date: November 25, 10:00pm EDT.

Rewards: Digital copies for Mac, PC, and Linux; exclusive backgrounds and early access; naming, designing,  and modeling for characters in the game; digital comic book and soundtrack; t-shirts, posters, and the game’s artbook; other games made by Greenbrier Games; and lots more!

Current Goal: $3500

Current Number of Backers: 118

Current Pledges: $5824

Why they deserve your support: They have an awesome plethora of awards–each level has something fun and different on offer. It’s also really nice to see a zombie game that focuses on tactics and group dynamics rather than just splatter. Bonus for awesome-looking environments and custom character creation. And not to mention some great stretch goals if they exceed the original $3500.

Did I give: $1 as promised!


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