Kickstarter of Note: Halloween Haiku II and Other Hauntings

Posted: October 1, 2014 in 31 Days of Halloween, Kickstarter of Note
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October is here and with it the complete awesomeness that is Halloween. Have a spooky Kickstarter to get things started kick things off right ring in my favorite month and season!

Project: Halloween Haiku II and Other Hauntings

End Date: October 14, 12:59pm EST.

Prizes: E-books, print copies, back copies, and gratitude.

Current Goal: $31

Current Number of Backers: 51

Current Pledges: $356

Why they deserve your support: Because they love Halloween (like me), do an anthology every year, are committed to doing it (hence the low goal), and pay their writers (by the way, you can submit!). Sometimes it’s nice to back a fun, simple project with a straightforward outcome. And who’s going to say no to $1 e-books?

Did I give: From here on out, I’ll be giving a $1 minimum pledge to each of the featured Kickstarters. Looking forward to my e-copy of Halloween Haiku II and other hauntings.


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