Kickstarter of Note: Fearful Symmetries

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Kickstarter of Note
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Project: Fearful Symmetries: An Anthology of Horror

End Date: January 10, 12:00pm EST.

Prizes: E-books, print books, proofs and ARCs signed by Ellen Datlow, creepy framed photographs, a free pass out of ChiZine Publications’ slush pile, handmade faux entrails (!), writing/publishing Q&As with Ellen Datlow or Brett Savory, signed manuscripts, short story critiques, artwork, fictional appearances in various short stories in the anthology, Dark Tower pencil sketches by Alan M. Clark.

Current Goal: $25,000

Current Number of Backers: 307

Current Pledges: $11,850

Why they deserve your support: Because Ellen Datlow is a brilliant editor. Seriously, you’re talking to someone who spent a decent chunk of her adolescence devouring anthologies Datlow edited or co-edited. This is just about guaranteed to be a fantastic anthology. Plus, an open reading period for pro-rate anthologies like this one is an incredibly rare thing, so you’re not only putting established writers into print, you’re helping unknown — possibly young unpublished — writers. And doesn’t that fit with Kickstarter’s indie mindset? Moreover, horror needs more champions. Moreover, I think one of the ways small(er) presses can succeed in the e-book revolution is by undertaking projects just like this one. Let’s encourage them, shall we?

Also, handmade faux entrails. Seriously.

Did I give: Darn right I did!


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