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Because picture books are awesome.

Project: Closet Monsters

End Date: January 5, 9:18pm EST

Prizes: PDF of the book, a signed copy of the book (it’s a hardcover), an original hand-drawn monster, your name on the acknowledgments page, graphite/pen-and-ink drawings, an original painting from the book, a complete set of original art, even a personalized commission!

Current Goal: $9,500

Current Number of Backers: 16

Current Pledges: $921

Why they deserve your support: It’s so pretty! Seriously, the illustrations look top notch, the concept for the book is whimsical and fun, and it’s an independent publishing project. Plus, if you donate the $30, you get a real objet d’art to read to your kids or your nieces/nephews or your friend’s kids. Or random children on the street (my plan). I feel like this is the kind of book that would win at bedtime with precocious ankle-biters. It helps, too, that Felix is an industry professional with a lot of experience under his belt.

Besides, monsters. There’s no such thing as too much monster fiction. There’s just not.

Did I give: This actually went on my Christmas gift list, because I’m a sucker for books like this. Which is kind of like donating. (I’ll probably end up giving anyway.)