The Future!

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Not the far future, mind you, the near future. Which, incidentally, is my favorite kind of science fiction.

That aside, I am back. Some life circumstances kept me off the internet for the last few weeks. There was a hurricane and then a project with a big deadline. Unfortunately, this also interrupted my 31 Days of Halloween plans. I’m not unhappy with the results, however, because I got to read and reread a ton of great scary stories, watch and rewatch some terrifying films, and participate in awesome Halloween events, like the local ghost walk and a zombie 5K. I also gave away seven books for All Hallows Read — two here on the blog and five to friends and family. I’ll devote another post or two to recapping that in the next couple weeks, as well as talk about the things I didn’t quite get to, like my haunted tour of the Eastern Shore. On the other hand, the nice thing about being a horror nut is just because it’s Thanksgiving/Christmas season now, doesn’t mean I have to abandon my Halloween programming. /cackle

But this post is mostly to have a space to think about the future of the blog. At the moment, I’m committed to continuing the Kickstarter of Note, Watch It Now, and Hope for the Genre posts. If you have recommendations for any of these, please chime in! I’ll also be reviewing the last several episodes of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Asylum. And yes, I’ll probably keep ranting about Revolution. I’m working up to another set of mini book reviews, which will include This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It by David Wong (the sequel to John Dies at the End), Son by Lois Lowry (the final book in The Giver quartet), Red Rain by R.L. Stine, The Inexplicables by Cherie Priest, and Familiar by J. Robert Lennon. And, like anyone else with a love of the undead and half a brain, I have a serious bone to pick about the World War Z trailer, which we will discuss shortly.

So the question now becomes, what else would you guys like to see on this blog? Let me know!


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