As promised, the All Hallows Read giveaway/exchange post! (cross-posted to She Who Sleeps, because why not?)

If you’re unfamiliar with All Hallows Read, it’s a tradition-in-development proposed by Neil Gaiman in 2010. The premise is simple: every Halloween, give away a scary book. Give it to a child or an adult, a stranger or a friend. Lend a book from your personal library (or from a public one!) or buy one brand new from your local bookstore. Give one book; give ten. But yes, scary book giving. New part of the holiday. Exciting stuff.

The last two years, I failed at All Hallows Read, mostly because I was in school. So this year, I’m making up for it by giving away at least three books (honestly, it’ll probably be a lot more than that). My All Hallows Read books are coming from the local used bookstore, so they will be yours to keep if I send you one. Unless you want to pass it on, which is fine.

I thought it would be awesome to give away at least one book via the blog. So here is your chance to win one! Probably more than one of you will!

What you need to do:

Leave a comment below containing: (1) your email address (2) three scary books you’ve loved (3) three scary books you want to read but haven’t. Do this by October 18th, 11:59pm EST. Winners will be chosen at random by a third party. International entrants will be considered.

***If you are interested in trading scary books with me (i.e. the exchange part), just add the word EXCHANGE at the end of your comment.

***If you would like to enter the contest on behalf of a child or young adult, please make a note of the recipient’s age in the comment, so that I can send an appropriate scary book.

Easy enough, right?

I’ve changed the settings on my comments so that they have to be approved by the admin. So don’t worry about your internet privacy being breached. I’m going to share some of the lists, but without any identifying information. After the giveaway is over, I’m going to trash all the comments. And I promise not to sell your contact information to anyone. (I don’t even know how, so that helps.)

Of course, if you have any questions, please ask them in the comments!

And even if you don’t participate (though I hope you do), consider giving someone a scary book this Halloween!


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