Fall has arrived and October is nearly upon us (seriously, where did September go?), bringing with it my absolute favorite holiday: Halloween.

I know you’re all really surprised . . .

Those of the uninitiated might believe that Halloween happens on October 31st, and on this strange, commercially-driven day small children scamper about in costumes demanding candy while young adults overindulge their Ids and get extra, extra plastered in skimpy outfits. Technically true, yes, but not nearly the whole truth. See, if approached correctly, Halloween can and should be a glorious monthlong event.

Given that this is the most unhindered October I’ve ever had and probably ever will have, I’m excited to announce a new project for this blog: 31 Days of Halloween. 31 Days of costumes, scary movies, spooky stories, eerily colored cocktails, pumpkin carving, writing prompts, arts and crafts, haunted house ideas, and everything else I can come up with. Yes, ladies and gents, we are welcoming the autumn and All Hallows Day in style.

What does this mean for the blog? At the very minimum, there will weekly updates on Halloween projects. In each update, I’ll fill you in on whatever I wore, watched, read, and mixed during the week. I’ll post a weekly prompt, fun recipes, trivia, and costume ideas. Maybe some how-to videos if I’m feeling really ambitious. Plus, there will be a book exchange and giveaways for All Hallows Read (details next week!).

Some things I’d like to do this month:

–watch 31 horror movies

–(re)read 31 scary stories/poems, including “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart”

–read 5 horror novels

–write a ghost story

–create 5 costumes

do a zombie run

–mix 13 Halloween-themed cocktails [I’ll provide virgin equivalents whenever possible]

–cook 13 Halloween snack/dessert recipes

–give away (at minimum) 3 books for All Hallows Read

Of course, participation is welcome! I’m going to kick off the movie-watching on October 1 by livetweeting The Cabin in the Woods at @julialivetweets. Feel to watch along and comment. And throughout the month, please share your own Halloween projects and ideas.

How do you celebrate Halloween? Is it a monthlong affair or just one night? And what would you like to see for 31 Days of Halloween on ‘The Girl Who Loved Zombies’?


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