Kickstarter of Note: Lady Nerds! With guitars!

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Kickstarter of Note
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Yes, we’re changing this from “Kickstarter of the Week” to “Kickstarter of Note.” Because . . . it sounds better, right? The underlying idea, however, is the same. Today’s crowdfunded project — of the musical persuasion — comes to you from Indiegogo.

Project: Cossbysweater’s debut album

End Date: October 31 at 11:59PM PT

Prizes: Thank you notes and letters, digital downloads, signed copies of the CD, posters, t-shirts,  the cover of your choice (w/video!), original songs, house shows — even original album art.

Current Goal: $10,000

Current Pledges: $4,917

Why they deserve your support: Cossbysweater is a YouTube artist, which is brilliant on its own, but she writes songs about nerd and fantasy culture (as well as “real life feelings”). I’m particularly fond of her hobbit song. I’m new to her music personally, but it might be something you like — and it’s easy enough to give it a chance. The lovely thing about YouTube is you can listen to lots of sample tracks before you make any sort of financial commitment. And, as always with these projects, even a little bit helps.

Did I give: Not yet, but I’m planning on it!


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