Kickstarter of the Week: Adventures in Space!

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Kickstarter of Note
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This week’s Kickstarter is a graphic novel written by a high school English teacher in NYC. ABOUT THE MOON. Get excited!

Project: Sea Breeze Lane

End Date: October 6, 8:20pm EDT

Prizes: Buttons, print and digital copies of the first issue/chapter, a first printing of the entire book (five chapters/issues) in hardcover, signatures from the author (Trevor Charles) and artist (Salomon Farias), character designs and prints, a copy of the original short story–even inclusion in the book as a minor character. As a note, I have to say I think the returns here are very reasonably set up, in terms of donation amount and corresponding rewards. Not always the case on Kickstarter. Something to consider.

Current Goal: $10,000 (Though apparently there are stretch goals–let’s get them there!)

Current Number of Backers: 28

Current Pledges: $1,202

Why they deserve your support: Writers like Ray Bradbury and Italo Calvino have captured our fascination with the moon for years. Heck, pretty much every culture has a moon creation myth and/or a lunar deity. The response to Neil Armstrong’s recent passing, to me, only showed how enamored we still are of our planet’s only natural satellite and what it represents for our society–the moon symbolizes what we reach for. What interests me about Sea Breeze Lane, aside from the gorgeous artwork, is that writer Trevor Charles turns all that on its head. It’s a story about a kid on the moon who’s fascinated by the Earth. In that sense, it’s a story that reflects our relationship with the moon, in that a society has been created there, but it also explores our relationship with the Earth, especially in the event that we leave it behind. How cool is that? ALSO: monsters. ALSO, ALSO: MOON NOMADS.

So! If you’re remotely interested in indie science fiction/graphic novels, why not support Sea Breeze Lane? You can get the first issue for a $5 donation, the whole shebang for $30.

Did I give: Not yet, as I just discovered it this morning, but I’m planning on it! /saves pennies


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