Kickstarter of the Week: Hunger Awareness! And Zombies!

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Kickstarter of Note, Zombie Posts
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Today’s “Kickstarter of the Week” actually comes to you from Indiegogo, another awesome crowdfunding site, which focuses on fundraising. There are a number of creative projects on Indiegogo, but they have a social justice bent, which, of course, is totally exciting.

This week, I’m breaking protocol and pushing a zombie-oriented project–a play, specifically, which was written to increase hunger awareness in NYC. But it’s really just too cool to pass up, so I hope you’ll forgive me.

Project: Salvatore Brienik’s ZOMBIES

End Date: September 11 at 11:59PM PT

Prizes: Some truly awesome rewards, such as signed pictures of the cast, free tickets for you and a friend, personalized zombie portraits–even a thank you dinner! Of course, some of these are dependent on your willingness/ability to go to Queens, but hey.

Current Goal: $6,800

Current Number of Backers: 14

Current Pledges: $3,260

Why they deserve your support: First, let’s talk about the premise. We have a group of survivors (including a cat!) weathering the apocalypse on the second floor of a house. They’re following along world events via radio and dealing with, more than the shambling hordes of undead, the question of how to cope with survival. Then we have the social benefit of the show, namely the awareness they’re raising for the Food Bank of New York City. So, basically, if you contribute, you’re assisting the performing arts, which is always awesome, funding another piece of zombie culture, and you’re helping feed the hungry. Moreover, if ZOMBIES is a success, that paves the way for similar projects, ghoulish and otherwise, maybe at a venue near you. Or maybe you’ll do it. (If so: LET ME KNOW.)

Did I give: Yes! I don’t always have much to give this time around, but every little bit helps, yes?

  1. Liz says:

    A HUGE zombie thank you so much for your support! (what would that sound like? …I wonder) We were able to raise a great amount for the show and are on the way to bringing some awesome theatre with a cause to the good ‘ole Queens! (Its just one stop in!)

    For those who would like to support the Food Bank of NYC through us – you are more than welcome to contact us at

    • Julia says:

      You’re very welcome! (A zombie thank you sounds terrifying, but it seems safe enough in print. XD) I’m so glad that the crowdfunding was successful!

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