Kickstarter of the Week: Lycanthropes Anonymous

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Kickstarter of Note
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I had a few goals for this week’s Kickstarter of the Week. I wanted it to be (1) something I came across on the site just browsing (2) a medium I haven’t covered yet (music, gaming, visual art, comics) (3) a project which started recently and (4) preferably a project local to me. I give you:

Project: Are You a Werewolf? — Deluxe Edition

End Date: September 23, 2012

Prizes: They’re offering an assortment of cool things, including promo cards, t-shirts, copies of the game, an evening gaming with one of the creators, sneak peeks at upcoming projects, and more!

Current Goal: $20,000

Current Number of Backers: 156

Current Pledges: $6,237

Why they deserve your support: If you’re not familiar with them, Looney Labs is an indie game company, which produces board and card games with a decidedly genre/novelty bent. They’re based out of College Park, Maryland (home state!) and their games are not only fun, they’re highly re-playable. So if you’re looking for something to introduce to your weekly gaming circle, you might consider Are You a Werewolf? or one of their other classics. I think this kickstarter is especially awesome because it builds on an existing product and improves it by adding a viewer which allows the player to better conceal his or her secret identity. Not to mention: werewolves! Is it me or do werewolves always get the short end of the horror stick (pun not intended)? And here we have the best of the old school set-up: werewolves, angry villagers, gypsies! Does it get any better? 

Did I give: Not yet, but I’m planning to–I’m sensing some great Christmas shopping possibilities here.


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