Kickstarter of the Week: Support the Fantastic and Surreal

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Introductions, Kickstarter of Note
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Confession for you guys: I have a Kickstarter problem.

No, really. I could empty my bank account on Kickstarter without even trying. It’s worse than Etsy.

It’s not my fault! There are all these awesome projects with really cool prizes that might not happen without our help. And I love crowdfunding. It’s the internet at its best. (Okay, so is this.)

Unfortunately, I’m a student and therefore on the poor side so I don’t have a lot of extra money, even for awesome projects. So to atone for the fact that I can’t donate to every kickstarter that strikes my fancy, I’m going to feature a different one on the blog every week.

Project: Unstuck

End Date: Aug 29, 1:20am EDT

Prizes: A whole range of neat options–from robot thank you e-notes to copies of the first and second issues to handmade bookmarks to signed books to lifetime subscriptions to contests bearing your name. Or nothing but the warm, fuzzy feeling of having donated. That’s the beauty of kickstarter.

Current Goal: $10,000–so that they can start their very own surreal and fantastic fiction podcast! I don’t know about you guys, but I adore story podcasts and I bet this one will be nothing short of brilliant.

Current Number of Backers: 160

Current Pledges: $7, 096

Why they deserve your support: Unstuck is a fledging magazine–they released their first issue only this past year–but they’ve already made quite an impression on the literary and speculative fiction communities. (And, of course, all of us in between.) They’re doing a rare thing: circulating damn good stories and poems that occupy the center of that tricky realism-fantasy venn diagram. Plus, their first issue featured work by some of the best in the business, including Aimee Bender, Meghan McCarron, J. Robert Lennon, Amelia Gray and a slew of other crazy talented folks. There’s no shortage of ghosts, ghouls, or wives back from the dead in Unstuck #1’s pages. But there’s also an abundance of meticulous structuring, complex characterization, and drop-dead (haha) gorgeous prose. So if you love poetry and fiction, speculative or otherwise, I’d say the Unstuck kickstarter is well worth it, whatever you can afford to give.

Did I give: Hell yes! So excited!


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